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Experts in many respective security consulting fields, our vetted prior law enforcement, military and intelligence community professionals (with an average of more than 25 years service) have the knowledge and experience that your company demands. Our services are fully customizable and scalable, depending upon your specific needs. Count on highly professional and discreet investigative support, security consulting, operational services and security training when you choose Veritas Security Solutions, LLC.

Free Initial Consultation

We Promise Quality

Be confident letting Veritas Security Solutions, LLC work on all your investigative, security consultingtraining and public speaking needs. Our investigative consulting firm is highly flexible and can customize our services to suit your specific needs. Simply schedule your free initial consultation today and we’ll take care of the rest.

Privacy Protection

Your Satisfaction is Our Priority

Choose Veritas Security Solutions, LLC, and you can be assured of full discretion and professionalism in how we handle your specific security consulting and investigative needs. Our clients can be assured that their privacy and best interests are being considered. Get in touch today to learn how "working with the best" in investigative, security consulting and training can excede your expectations.

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